Our newest attraction Treetopia, where nature and adventure seemlessly blend into a journey to discover your inner photography skills and experience an exciting walk on a hanging bridge between 2 giant trees. There are five photo spot which is Hand Painted Mural Staircase (Entrance of Treetopia), Heartshape Love Seat (Treetopia Deck 1), Hanging Bridge Walk (Path to Treetopia Deck 2), Staircase To The Sky (Treetopia Deck 2), Giant Fan Shaped Tree and Family Photo Swing Set. 
Dive into the heart of natural wonders at Treetopia and Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi, where your photography skills come alive. In the tranquil embrace of Treetopia, capture the elegance of towering trees and vibrant blooms. Explore the hanging bridge and embrace the beautiful scenery of mountains. Share your visual journey on social media, hashtag Treetopia Langkawi and tag Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi social media. Let your lens tell the story, and don't forget to tag us for a chance to be featured!