World's Largest Sarcosuchas Dinosaur
Now imagine being able to see the glory of these extinct beasts with a realistic appearance as we brought back them to life via animatronics technology here at Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi. Experience the amazing sights and sounds of moving and breathing dinosaurs. Keep your eye out as you will come face-toface with our life-sized croc-like dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes which differ at each interactive area. Take a self-guided tour beyond the quarantine zone and interact with roving dinosaurs such as the legendary "Super-Croc" or Sarcosuchus that roamed the earth 112 million years ago. You also will learn about the striking similarities between our crocodiles and dinosaurs such as their rubbery skin, fierce teeth, sharp claws, habitat and how they evolved. So, make sure you visit Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi for a roar-some experience like no other!!
Visitors of Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi can now enjoy a different kind of experience at its new addition Jurassic Croc.
From getting up-close with two species of "genial" dinosaur mascot - Velociraptor and Dilophosaurus - to taking selfies with the prehistoric creatures, other exciting activities await visitors. Apart from being greeted by the two dinosaur species, visitors can get a chance to see an animatronic 15.24-metre long (50 feet) prehistoric crocodile species, Sarcosuchus.